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Professional Drain Cleaning for you toughest clogs

Fast Fixes, Dependable Quality

Discount Rooter will provide clean, quality and dependable drain cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas such as Tega Cay, Fort Mill, York, and Rock Hill South Carolina. If you have a plugged toilet, plugged bathroom sink or kitchen sink, bathtub or shower drains, floor drains, garbage disposals and washing machine drains, then you've come to the right place. We specialize in unclogging drains and getting them flowing and running smoothly. 

Ask about our Maintenance

Cleaning Schedule

plumber tightening a pipe
A clean toilet that not plugged
  • Kitchen sinks

  • Utility sinks

  • Bathroom sinks Basement Floor drains

  • Washer drains

  • Bathtub and Shower drains

  • Toilets

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Outdoor Sewer lines

  • Camera Inspections

Signs that you need drain service

The signs of a damaged or clogged drain system are relatively easy to notice. Drains that are slow to divert water from your sinks, toilet or shower, or do not siphon water at all, likely have a blockage. The clog may include hair, soap, toothpaste, waste and other household products.

A problem also may be present if your toilets overflow or fluids come up out of your drains instead of going down them. Finally, if you smell a foul sewage scent in the air, it is a good idea to schedule a professional service for your health, hygiene and convenience.

Reliable inspections give you a peace of mind

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues in your home or commercial facility, or if you are unsure whether a blockage may be present, it is best to schedule a professional inspection service as quickly as possible. With your plumbing system, the longer you wait, the more likely that expensive damage will occur when your pipes break. Call us today to schedule a hassle-free, thorough service.

How to avoid clogged drains

There are several easy tricks you can do to prevent blockages before they even begin. These include using a screen over your shower drain as well as not rinsing down common items such as grease, coffee grounds, feminine products, excessive wipes or other trash. Lastly, running hot water and baking soda down your drain every week can help clear small debris buildups.

Our expert Emergency Maintenance team are available 24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days

a year to attend to your problems. promptly and competently!

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